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 Walton  Why Connect Blue Technologies Mergers & Acquisitions?

We believe strongly in constant knowledge expansion and have developed dynamic Knowledge Management (‘KM’) and Continuing Education (‘CE’) programs, conducted both in-house and for select invitees. KM and CE programs cover key events, global and national trends as they unfold and examine case studies, debate and analyze emerging legal, regulatory and tax issues, serving as an effective forum for cross pollination of ideas. Our trust-based, non-hierarchical, democratically managed organization that leverages research and knowledge to deliver premium services, high value, and a unique employer proposition has been developed into a global case study.


The term ‘merger’ is not defined under the Companies Act, 1956 (“CA 1956”), and under Income Tax Act, 1961 (“ITA”). However, the Companies Act, 2013 (“CA 2013”) without strictly defining the term explains the concept. A ‘merger’ is a combination of two or more entities into one; the desired effect being not just the accumulation of assets and liabilities of the distinct entities, but organization of such entity into one business. The possible objectives of mergers are manifold - economies of scale, acquisition of technologies, access to sectors / markets etc. Generally, in a merger, the merging entities would cease to be in existence and would merge into a single surviving entity.


An ‘acquisition’ or ‘takeover’ is the purchase by one person, of controlling interest in the share capital, or all or substantially all of the assets and/or liabilities, of the target. A takeover may be friendly or hostile, and may be effected through agreements between the offeror and the majority shareholders, purchase of shares from the open market, or by making an offer for acquisition of the target’s shares to the entire body of shareholders.Acquisitions may be by way of acquisition of shares of the target, or acquisition of assets and liabilities of the target. In the latter case the business of the target is usually acquired on a going concern basis. Such a transfer is referred to as a ‘slump sale’ under the ITA and benefits from favourable taxing provisions visà-vis other transfers of assets/liabilities.