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 Walton  UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile applications

We all know the First Impression is the Best. How good may be the website features and functionality, it doesn’t matter if it is not impressive in look and feels. Well-curated UI/UX design can grab users’ attention, make them loyal users first, and turn them, loyal customers, next.
The UI design is how a product looks, whereas UX design is how it feels. Solid UI design grabs users’ attention with striking website screen and its elements like color pattern, fonts, layout, and illuminated characters, etc. UX Design enriches user satisfaction by enhancing the usability, ease of access, response to the actions and enriches the delight delivered in user interaction with the website. The ultimate goal of solid UI/UX design is to maximize the user experience, by making the interaction simple and effective. This is what every website owner expects from UI/UX app design company.

 Walton  Why UI/UX design?


  If your Website is not impressive at first look or not easy to use, users might not get adjusted immediately after the first use. Because they have hundreds of alternative options. So engaging UI design is key in engaging the users.

  Enhanced User Experience is the key to bring repeated customers. For example, if the customer doesn't get a notification on the website after money transfer, then he might feel suspicious about the company. So thoughtful UX design is key in building a loyal user base.

 Walton  Benefits of solid UI/UX Design

  The more simple and beautiful the UI, the easier to use the Website, which encourages users to use the Website for a longer time.
  The more effective the UX, the dead easy to bring back users, make them customers and turn them, loyal customers.
  Solid UI/UX design creates a long-lasting impression on users and encourages them to share the website with others, through which your business would improve and reach millions of people within a short time.
  Solid design can reduce the cost significantly that you spend on branding your business.

 Walton  How to create solid UI/UX Design?

   Keep the icons semantically accurate.
  Keep the User Interface transparent and make the navigation effortless.
  Colour format should be uniform for all pages.
  Define features and functionality in symbol rather than text, like using delete symbol instead of Delete text.
  Put prompts or pop-ups before allowing to take a major action, like “Want to delete it permanently?” And also give the option to Undo it. Deliver feedback instantly once completing the action, like “Your payment has been received, thank you”.
  Overall, if possible, speak to your targeted audience to known what type of design they love, like swiping, tapping, dragging and dropping, anything maybe.

 Walton  Why Connect Blue Technologies for UI/UX Design?

We at Connect Blue Technologies UI/UX app design company in India. We design Website that people love to use and share with others. We follow the research-first design process in which we study your Website requirement and your target audience deeply. Today, most of the UI/UX design companies are focusing on chasing the latest trends rather than considering what a user wants. Our UI/UX design process is focused on identifying knowledge gaps and user expectations. We focus on innovative, appealing design that delivers both style and substance. We’ll work closely with you to design a user-centric website that delivers genuine value for your end-users. That’s why we are called a truly customer-centric UI/UX design company in Bangalore in India.
Our design process begins with setting up design patterns, color palettes, the layout structure, fonts, and other technical and artistic considerations that well suit your website. Our dedicated UI/UX designers use Invision, Illustrator, Bootstrap, and other best-in-class UI/UX design tools to craft an eye-catching, engaging UI/UX design. We create a solid UI/UX design for web apps, websites, and games.