Mobile application designers focus on native mobile apps and work closely with UX and UI designers to apply their design to mobile interfaces. ... They usually work closely with user-experience (UX) designers and user-interface (UI) designers to apply their design to mobile interfaces.

The value a mobile app creates and the ability it gives you to engage customers is really incredible. If you know that a mobile app can be a game changer in your business, you are wonderful. No doubt, you can outstandingly energize your business performance by investing in a mobile app.

Mobile App Design Process

We have created a unique process based on our past experiences, and quite a few learning from the mistakes we have made on the way.

Mobile App Design Trends 2017

We aim to incorporate these trends for a better mobile app experience.Each year the trends keep changing with time, and we stay updated with the latest ones at the moment. We have been incorporating the trends in all our designs to keep the uniqueness afloat These are just some of the major trends that will impact UX design in the coming year.

Tab Bars

While nothing new, Tab Bars are increasingly popular and that’s for good reasons. Primarily because they are easy to reach with your thumb while holding your phone (which keeps growing year by year), but also because they are always visible, allowing for easy navigation and clear guidance.

Focus on the lower third

It’s not only the bar tar, but there is also a bigger trend to focus more on the bottom of the screen and to keep important interactions like navigation (see Tab Bar) or buttons in the lower third of the screen. Again, this is primarily out of ‘reachability’ reasons.

Layered Content

Based on action sheets, bottom sheets have increased in popularity recently. The idea is pretty simple: keep the user in the original context e.g. browsing the latest sneakers, and overlay additional information only when the user wants to. The information is there the whole time, just a finger-tip away.

Colorful and round

Color is still a thing in app design, but its usage has changed. Gone are the background-colors for headers, say hello to colorful bubbles and buttons. I just hope we‘re peak gradients.

Visual trends

When announcing the second iteration of Material Design -often called Material Theme- Google acknowledged the over-use of and reliance on shadows and reduced them by a fair amount. They also began using a lot more whitespace to help with visual hierarchy and structure.

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