Cable and Wire Harnesses

for Military and Aerospace


Cable Wire Assembly

Cables still provide the link from the electronics heart of a product to electronic devices such as cameras, keyboards, sensors and power. At Subcontract Services we can manufacture and design cables from custom data and drawings to produce 100s of meters long cables to the smallest cables linking electronic assemblies together.

The cables are used in the harshest desert conditions, to deep down underwater in the sea.

Benefits of Cable Assemblies



We provide exact count for conductor, size and stranding can be optimized during the design of the assembly.



The length of each cable can be manufactured exactly as per the requirement of the project. This makes the set up clean without any need to hide additional cables and wires.



Cable assembly also help the wires by securing them from the unhealthy effects of abrasion and moisture.



Prevention of short-circuiting has also been known to be a fringe benefit of cables since there is every chance of vulnerability of a mass of scattered wires to the agents of short-circuiting.

Categories and Features of Cable Asseambly

Marine systems

Military grade cable assemblies are typically used for aerospace, tactical, and marine applications.


Airborne System

Airborne systems can be used in war zones as well as in space communication applications.


EMI sensitive equipment

EMI sensitive equipment has become a common addition to military vehicles & equipment like armored cars, helicopters, trucks, drones, and control panels.


Remote weapon control links

Tactical cables, MIL-SPEC cables, military connectors, space cables, military and aerospace fiber optic cables are used in Remote weapon control links.


Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

These are wired bundles and neatly organized into a single unit in a flat ribbon.


Assembled Coaxial Round Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cables are a type of cable assembly where it has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer and a tubular conducting shield.


Connect Blue Technologies for Military Cable Assemblies?

Connect Blue Tech is a privately-owned defense contract manufacturer, engineering and manufacturing custom military cables and electronic wire harnesses for military, defense, and aerospace applications and flight systems. Our custom military cables use MIL-C D38999 to your specifications and complex requirements, with attention to detail and sensitivity.

Expert Precision Construction + Custom Specification

  • IPC/WHMA-A-620A Class III Soldered Harnesses
  • Rugged / Severe Environments
  • Unique BOM Specifications, ie Halogen-Free LSZH
  • BOM Alternatives
  • Bar-Coding and Packaging
  • Unique Additions and Requirements
Aerospace Harnesses & Cables

Our attention to detail and ability to quickly custom manufacture to intricate specifications has earned us a respected place in this competitive industry since 1989. Connect Blue Tech is a long-term, experienced contract manufacturer that has been building wire harnesses for Boeing, cable assemblies for Lockheed Martin, sub-assemblies for BAE Systems, custom cables for Northrup Gruman, and electro-mechanical harnesses for military / aerospace heavyweights such as JPL, L3-Titan and L3-Communications, and Curtis-Wright.

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