The introduction of the smartphone has revolutionized the information technology industry. Just as the cellular phone did with the telephony industry, the smartphone allowed humans to access the power of the internet from any location of their preference, changing the way humans communicate, interact and transact in ways not thought possible even a decade ago. The adoption of the smartphone by a large section of the populace has spurred the growth of the mobile application industry, just as the dotcom boom of the 1990s saw the emergence of the web-based applications as the next frontier in the tech economy. This monumental shift has created the need for organizations to have their applications shifted from web-based apps to mobile apps. AIS Technolabs provides organizations with a easy and customizable solution to port their PHP-based web apps to mobile apps targeting the major mobile operating systems of the day.

Why Should You Convert Your PHP Web App to a Mobile App

PHP is the de-facto programming language for the web, and it commands a sizeable chunk of the entire gamut of web applications made throughout the years. While PHP has its shortcomings, it is overlooked due its ease of programming and deployment, and is still the programming language of choice for a wide number of web developers throughout the globe. While PHP web applications have been around since the mid 1990s, and more are being developed to this day, the world has shifted from desk-based computing platforms such as desktops and laptops to handheld mobile devices within a few short years. The mobile interface is infinitely more user-friendly for consuming content as well as transacting online; and cheaper and faster mobile internet services have brought superior web solutions closer to the masses. Some of the industries where mobile-based interfaces have outshined their web-based counterparts are:

Banking and Transactions

Mobile apps have allowed people to create and store money in virtual wallets, which are safe, secure and portable. This has allowed for cashless economies to flourish where people can safely pay for goods and services without even using their credit cards, with the money directly debited from the wallets.

Taxi Services

While telephony taxi services were standardized in the 1970s; it still required a large amount of human interaction, which could provide incorrect or misleading data; resulting in the loss of revenue for organizations. With almost all smartphones featuring GPS services, consumers can provide their exact location and destination without any hassle directly to taxi-service operators, who in turn are able to reach their clients faster, and take them through the shortest and fastest routes; increasing their revenue manifold.


Mobile-based E-Commerce solutions have allowed people to order goods directly from their home with minimal hassle. The benefits of mobile solutions include faster and safer payments, improved location tracking and transparency in goods delivered. All of this have encouraged e-commerce organizations to adopt mobile solutions as the future of e-commerce solutions. With the adoption of mobile apps in a global scale, AIS Technolabs allows organizations the ability to port their old PHP source code into the requisite mobile application code which can be deployed directly through app store platforms for iOS and Android.

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