Payment Gateway Integration

Is your business ready to incorporate Payment Gateway Integration in an iOS app?

Nowadays, more and more people prefer not to waste time on physical shopping trips, and opt, instead, to buy things or services online right from the comfort of their own home. This is an understandable commodity and benefit of modern life. Online shopping means that anything can be purchased online, and not just seen or appreciated. It also means that every merchant aiming to increase sales should consider online payment gateway integration.

So why use a payment gateway?

Well, for starters, they take charge of purchasing’s tricky tasks: encrypting (i.e. securing) sensitive info — like credit card payments — and helping you meet certain standards for data security online, ensuring safe transactions between you and your customer.

Plus, gateways save you time and work, removing the need for you to manually input info received on your end. They also offer flexibility in the types of payments customers can use. And flexibility is good — it increases the likelihood of sales by widening accessibility for customers with a variety of different payment types.

Another Payment Gateway option often available is to pay with a credit card by taking a picture of the card rather than manually entering the credit card number. Additionally, some retailers have added this option to their website for store gift card redemption. For more details on which retailers offer this user-friendly option, visit:

2. Security

It’s a no-brainer, but people are not going to just fork over sensitive financial information to an e-commerce store that looks shady. You want a payment gateway that’s reputable and provides safe checkout experiences for your customers.

3. Cost

Like with almost any service, there are fees associated using third-party tools like payment gateways. You’ll have to pay transaction fees for your business — so pay attention to your gateway’s costs and do your research before integrating it into your site so you’re not slammed with surprise fees.

These fees charged can include transaction, statement, chargeback, merchant account fees, and likely more — such as fees to customers for using a certain payment method. And not surprisingly, customers do NOT like hidden costs so read the fine print.

If PayPal or won’t work for you, we can also design your payment gateway integration using WePay, BillDesk, PayWay, Stripe, Braintree, Square, Dwolla or any other credit card processing API.

4. Accepted Payment Methods

The reality is, the easier you make it for customers to make purchases, the more they’re likely to make. By outfitting your site with a payment gateway that incorporates a wide variety of payment methods, your widening your sales net — 50 percent of regular online shoppers say they’d jump ship on a purchase if they couldn’t use their preferred payment method.

Using your site’s analytics, observe what countries have shoppers visiting your e-commerce website — preferred payment methods may differ by country. Plus, it’s also a matter of security: 40 percent of study participants said they would feel more comfortable shopping from a business that offers multiple payment methods. Chew on that.

5. Compatibility

Of course, an important consideration is how well your gateway will integrate with your current platform — both from a technical and design standpoint. If it takes an over-abundance of messy tricks to incorporate smoothly into your existing structure, you might want to rethink your choice.

And while many gateways (like Stripe, for example) can be customized to match your site’s feel, you want to make sure your gateway tool is compatible with your brand. Don’t make your customers’ purchasing experiences jarring with mismatched elements.

6. Payment Location

Some payment gateways allow customers to complete a transaction within the checkout processes of the website, while others lead users to another site to finish their purchases. Some gateways provide an API that incorporates directly into your site, others reroute visitors to third-party sites. Whatever you choose, consider what will provide the best user experience for your shoppers — if customers trust your site, they might not mind the extra diversion.

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